McKinley Syringe Driver

The course is aimed at all Nursing staff caring for patients with a Mckinley Syringe driver. The course can be shortened for all employees with a responsibility for supporting Nurses with the care of a patient with a syringe driver.

Duration: 6 hours full course or 2 hours short course

Course Content

  • To understand how the syringe driver works.
  • Caring for a person with a syringe driver.
  • Medications used in the syringe driver
  • Syringe Driver checks
  • complications associated with a syringe driver 

Assessment Method: Competency document will be provided for self-assessment or via a designated assessor depending on skill level.

Learning Outcomes: On completion the candidate with have knowledge and skills to care for a person with a Mckinley syringe driver.

Jude TurnerMcKinley Syringe Driver