This training session is designed to assist frontline staff to deal effectively with incidents of potential violence or aggression.  It is particularly important in reducing risks to all involved. You will gain a basic understanding of laws and legislation relating to physical intervention techniques.  Have a basic understanding of Safeguarding and recognise the importance of recording and reporting and be able to carry out the correct technique for a range of Breakaways. 

Duration: 2 hours

Course Content

  • An overview of relevant legislation and Safeguarding
  • Difficult situations
  • Blocking
  • Breakaways

Assessment Method: Practical assessments and written/oral questioning.

Learning Outcomes: On completion delegates have and understanding of the legal frameworks they need to work within. Delegates will have a baseline knowledge of how to disengage from holding and how to defend from kicks and punches. Delegates will understand the importance of documentation and record keeping and correct debriefing of situations.

Jude TurnerBreakaway